Welcome to Tohmori home page 2024/04/21
Here, Peg solitaire, Copernican Relativity 2023/02/05 and Number theory 2024/04/18 are discussed. Japanese version is also available

Peg solitaire
General theory of peg solitaire is explained
You can play peg solitaire games
Also you can download apk file for smartphone or tablet

Copernican Relativity 2023/02/05
Copernican Relativity 2023/02/05
Perihelion movement
Time difference between satellite and ground

Number theory 2024/04/21
ABC Conjecture 2023/10/01
A proof of Fermat's last theorem 2024/04/21
A proof of Fermat's last theorem (p=4) 2024/02/14
Goldbach's conjecture 2022/11/06
Prime counting function 2024/02/12
Collatz's conjecture
Sophie Germain prime in Fermat's Last Theorem
Infinite existence of Sophie Germain primes 2022/11/15
The ratio of prime numbers to natural numbers

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